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Federal officials are investigating why a dummy bomb traveling about 600 miles on a building complex Thursday in a Tulsa house collapsed.
CAM-33 non-explosive bombs Salina, Kansas, in the Tulsa Air National Guard Base, an F-16 fighter from the leadership, according to the Oklahoma Air National Guard came to the press release. Aircraft and aircraft mistakenly bombed the road about three hours after a few minutes were released.
No one bomb Canyon Creek Apartments, 2102 E. 51 injured in hit a building in St. electrical equipment and walls of an apartment complex and knocked out power shot.
CAM-33, and 22 kilograms in weight used during training as a spotting charge that releases a cloud of smoke that affect, but the pilot indicated that the fall would actually never saw the smoke trail.
Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives helped with the investigation.
Canyon Creek resident Jeremy Isbell off electricity at his house, he and his wife arrived on Thursday said. it in, his wife, Kyla Isbell, discovered that their bathroom wall had been beaten after going.
Isbell of the crime outside his home to find damage to the electric explosion I said cause I was diagnosed AEP-PSO employees went to work, "he said.
Workers then looked at the damage and found bombs - which the building's concrete structure buried in the complex half of the electrical equipment enclosure. other parts of the wing is broken and distorted, but probably at least two meters long in length, he said.
According to the press that building before the bombing of the trees had been hospitalized, and firefighters were using ladders to climb trees, apparently to try to determine the trajectory, Isbell said.